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Here are some of my views about my music and my life.

not the mainstream

Some of us do not follow the mainstream. We seek alternatives. We follow our own paths. We create our own courses. We walk roads less traveled. We dance to different drummers. We beat our own drums.

hip hop for the now age

I grew up listening to hip hop. But hip hop did not grow in the same direction that I did, so that much of the music now does not speak to me.  I find that in hip hop that not only are there few voices for alternative views, there is also a shortage of voices speaking from the level of maturity of an adult. Too many of the songs are from an adolescent mind.  I want to hear music that speaks to the life I am living now.

beats and rhymes for enlightened minds

In the late 80's and early 90's there were quite a few rap groups and performers creating what was being called by some conscious rap songs. Some of these songs spoke about the African cultural heritage of Black people. Even more of these songs provided commentary, warnings, and outrage about drug abuse, crime, and police brutality in the Black community. I write conscious rap songs as well, but the consciousness that I speak of mostly is spiritual consciousness; self-awareness, transcending the ego, and recognizing the divine in all.

soul elevation music

Much electronic music to me is related to some of the trance music used in the sacred rites of some spiritual cultures. The repetitive nature of some electronic music and the layered rhythms are similar to the patterns used by drummers and other instrumentalists in ritual music. Even the use of sampling can be likened to a form of spirit possession as the samples evoke the presence of a performance from the past and use the energy from that performance to increase the energy of a present performance.