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Lyrics to AKILIMANJARO: Streams of Consciousness recordings

Entertain, Teach, And Have Fun

  1. Entertain, Teach, And Have Fun
  2. We Experience Reality As We Imagine It To Be
  3. Breath By Breath
  4. Turning It Around
  5. Just To Be
  6. A Relinquishing Of Love
  7. Time Stands Still
  8. Feel It
  9. Certainty
  10. Lasting And Lingering In Brightness
  11. This Moment

1. Entertain, Teach, And Have Fun

entertain teach and have fun

how in the world can all of this be done by one

well, since Ive begun

I wont stop now

I will proceed to show you how

since you asked the question

here comes your next lesson

get out your notepads cause Im giving a test

and I dont want you to be guessing

or scratching your head

asking me to repeat what Ive said

instead listen close

get the wax out of your ears

no time for you to say you didnt hear it

we must get moving

come on wheres your spirit

Im going to ignite the spark

provoke you to think

why are you here on this planet earth?

where were you before your birth?

entertain teach and have fun

how in the world can all of this be done by one?

entertain teach and have fun

yes I will continue with this one

the joy that this brings

the pleasurable feelings

that they do not last forever

is of little matter

even if only in passing

I will keep passing it along

the rhythm the song

always seeking to advance the right

and distance myself from the wrong

I could go on this way as long as health allows

I would never go astray if I maintained my vow

to live and love life

to give up all strife

to walk this path is sometimes like riding the edge of a knife

it can be dangerous

so easily we can be lost

entertain teach and have fun

how in the world can all of this be done by one?


2. We Experience Reality As We Imagine It To Be

we experience reality

as we imagine it to be

we imagine life as we are conditioned to

if we are to experience the truth of life

we must bust and burst free from

our preconceived thought implants and rather

intuit the inner structure of all and acquire

at least a small amount of sense uncommon

beyond the norm the form in which we are housed

may cause us to lose the awareness that all is one

no more no less

at best we blend into an amalgam of differences

and emerge as a confluence of similarities

and identities once held as separate now coalesce

as inseparable

it is inescapable and impossible to deny

or defy that I and you and he and she and they and we

are simply artificial barriers that keep us from

trusting one another

sisters brothers cousins and other relatives

are only a relative way of speaking

when we are seeking a way to immerse our self

with the selves around us

we experience reality

as we imagine it to be

our minds are capable of so much more

than we are able to accept and Im sure

that if we really truly expect to become

anything other than an energized corpse

we must force ourselves to emerge

into our full potential

I will only say this one time

one mind one heart one love

is where it all starts and the beginning

is the foundation of the development

we must build

the thrill of life on the rise

is all we need to entice us to feed our spirit

now hear this

the spirit is nothing else but a word for the self within

when we begin to affirm our connection

to the creative permanence the presence ever present

then we will converge upon all former fragments

of our fantastic existence

we experience reality

as we imagine it to be


3. Breath By Breath

breath by breath

we come closer to death

until there is nothing left

dust comes from our flesh

misery and remorse

bliss and joy

I react to the opposition

that has no substance

I interact with nonexistence regularly

I speculate on the meaning of life constantly

the conclusions I draw are simply sketches

the illusions of what is are persistent in their call

and so alluring that I am often found touring

on paths leading nowhere

the activity can be exhilarating

but it can also be debilitating

the chasing and constant pursuit

is no longer cute or sweet

I now look forward to a retreat

from this maddening cycle

let me decrease the radius towards zero

so at the center I will reside

and the spin is now manageable

the turn is slowly stopped

and what was not visible before in the blur

is now quite obvious

in dust we find oneness

in this unified state

we straightened all tangled ideas

that were knotting our minds

the twine now is a bind

to the disparaging

the rapidly diverging worlds within

in the strangest and most abhorrent way

I pray to a beast

or to be honest

through a beast

these are no more than animal calls

that make me an easy prey

for the hunters of my game

breath by breath

we come closer to death

until there is nothing left

dust comes from our flesh

I am the same as a target

I announce my desire for dissolution

as the ultimate solution

yes when I am no more

is when I will with certitude be sure

of my place in space

and energy that should be preserved

according to physical laws

inexplicably vanishes without transformation

this is impossible

so we deny our senses

we find it unacceptable to all that we know

or so we have thought

or so we have been programmed to believe

in a digital and binary age

information is our code

and we overload our circuits constantly

our memory needs upgrading

our processors also

for too slowly we calculate

I hate and abhor

or at least find it annoying

to see how we metaphorically

have become the machines

and our entire reason for being

is now caught up with

and inextricably bound with and to

the global network of irrelevant intelligence

know and acknowledge

garbage in garbage out

we and I are one

in a language with a depth unfathomable

instead we babble in tongues indecipherable

we place in ciphers

those words and phrases

we wish to hide and make obscure

breath by breath

we come closer to death

until there is nothing left

dust comes from our flesh

the more that wisdom

went into withering frames

the more that we go insane

for sanity requires at least a lasting shelter

in a wall that is hollow

the sounds of distinction

penetrate with no hesitation

that which comes from afar is on par

and in league with that which is near

I fear that one day we will open into an aspiration

that we knew nothing of having

it is as if we arrive on another planet

with no remembrance of traveling

we have been there and here forever

and yet

and in spite of

weather patterns which we do not recognize

rain falling from clear skies

heat rising from ice capped mountains

the droughts that create and maintain deserts

now flood the plains

and I came to anticipate

much of what was to be

by retroactively

connecting the dots of the grid

and then I did something that now seems quite logical

though it was once an innovation

I began my presentation with apprehension

and this tension was enough to produce

the now reduced level of anxiety

just by rising and raising

then in an unrestrained and unrestricted way

began praising

actually worshipping

placing all faith and trust

in this conceptually void area

what I had sought to avoid

and avert my attention from

to skirt about

I now flirt with the outcast and unwanted

I visit the haunted rooms in my lifes mansion

and meddle in hopes of breaking this mystery

my case is made with succinctness

in less time than it would take a sleuth

I have found the elementary truth

so with my proof brought to completion

I proceed to seed the garden of eden

and I reenter paradise

breath by breath

we come closer to death

until there is nothing left

dust comes from our flesh


4. Turning It Around

turning it around

the wheel of my life

was once stuck in the muck

but now Ive got it spinning again

keep turning

non stop revolution

fires burning

no solution

no salvation

nothing worth saving

nothing losing

none winning

the beginning

simply spinning

web weaving

dead grieving

non believing

yet ever faithful and true

who would have ever known

where could we have gone

the script was written

in a mystical pen

once deciphered

all illusions come to an end

turning it around

the wheel of my life

was once stuck in the muck

but now Ive got it spinning again

the pendulum swings

forth and back

its just a metronome keeping time

the drum separates the measures of these lines

all my life is a song

one song with one verse

the universe is the title

the key is life

the message is vital

what we exist for is the chorus

yes our reason is to provide harmony

to this melody

without harming anybody

what does it mean though to cause no harm?

can we only harm that which has form?

or can we also harm the formless?

yes what we do has an impact

on the world without and within

to spread joy I grin

turning it around

the wheel of my life

was once stuck in the muck

but now Ive got it spinning again


5. Just To Be

I dont know what you will think

about what I do

I am not sure if you will get the point

of my actions

will my intentions be clear

or will I be misinterpreted

I wont let these doubts paralyze me though

as long as I know myself

nothing else really matters

to know myself

is all that matters

I climb ladders only to reach heights beyond

and not to simply be above

to look down on others

I travel from here only to reach there

and not because I cannot stand to be still

just to live is all

just to give my all

and thus inner worlds that I seem to create

actually come into being on their own

I am an observer of these realms

I do not control the helm

I command none

the interior is actually not superior

to that which exists on the surface

what is the beginning

the first memory

the primary impression

there is no answer

to these absurd questions

just to be

without being anything

just to be

with no desires to fill

just to be

where we are with no plans

just to be

no need to understand

in breath inlets to our core

grains of sand add and subtract from the shore

candles grow in importance

as they glow

and yet they shrink in size

as they shed light for our eyes

that we only see a limited amount of what is

needs to be constantly in our awareness

confusion can easily occur when we infer

that all that blurs by us is the total

no the actual sum will never be reached

infinity instantly collapses

continuity constantly entraps us

as we seek to connect the dots

with lines that are arrows through our hearts

just to be

without being anything

just to be

with no desires to fill

just to be

where we are with no plans

just to be

no need to understand


6. A Relinquishing Of Love

to have and to lose

or to have never had in the first place

which is the worst case

incomparable realities actually

to possess a desire

or to desire a possession

a question of ones perspective

the choice that is selected

I suspect it was once directed

and sent with intent

but then it was bent and went astray

thats when the sky became gray

and as I gazed into the heavens

trying to locate the lining of silver

only to notice too late

that a layer of tarnish concealed the shine

I saw that you were never really mine

and this brought me no grief

believe it or not it was a relief

this takes nothing away from what you are

nor from what we were

no I prefer to view this

as a relinquishing of love

freeing it from the imprisonment

it suffered in my heart


7 Time Stands Still

time stands still

after all else falls

ceilings floors walls

crumble about

we stumble throughout

the rubble

of times gone by

and wonder why

yet here we are

though the past

now seems far

only a moment ago

it was here

how could it have

disappeared so fast

no longer present

but past


8. Feel It

music is magical

magical meaning it makes you move

some say music has the power to soothe

it also has the power to agitate

it is energy

it can destroy or create

it can heal or kill

whether you believe it or not

its real

it can send chills up your spine

or heat to your feet

music will make you want to sit still

or make your hips want to gyrate

when I hear music

depending on the type of music that I hear

I am taken somewhere

cause music touches the emotions

thats what brings you motion

like the ocean

the motion can be smooth

or rough

yes music can have gentle touch

or be abrasive

thats what makes it so mystical

its invisible to the eyes

but it can be seen by the soul

can you feel it

coming inside your spirit

I wonder if you can feel it

get inside your soul

the source of sound is subtle

beyond the realm of the mind

where the spirits reside

lets take a journey to the place

where the bass vibrates

and the treble resonates

dont hesitate

dont wait dont pause

make haste

quicken your pace

come face to face

with the force the source

of course the source is the soul

(you got it)

yeah and if you got soul

you got something better than gold

more precious than the rarest stone


the soul should be protected and treasured

not neglected or wasted in pursuits of pleasure

for all that feels good aint good

no your feelings should not lead

but rather water the seeds of reason

planted in due season

remember you reap what you sow

what you sow you will reap

so dont sow too shallow or too deep

or your harvest will be weak

sow just right

and in time

all fruits will be ripe

can you feel it

coming inside your spirit

I wonder if you can feel it

get inside your soul

dont stop the feeling

I wont stop it

cause this feeling got me

mellow relaxed

I think Ill just kick back

dont stop the feeling

I wont stop it

cause this feeling got me

yeah it got me

Ill tell no lie

I couldnt stop it if I tried

well dont

I wont

I wouldnt do that

because this feeling is all that

and then some

how come?

cause this feeling is wholesome

it restores your balance like medicine

it cures all ills from the fever to the chills

yes the music heals

as your heartbeat gets in synch with the rhythm

your head arms leg and feet pick up momentum

you find yourself in a trance as you dance

youve got to move to this beat

not in your seat

but get up on your feet

let your adrenaline flow

sweat pour from head to toe

immerse yourself in the sound

quench your thirst and get down get down and

feel it

coming inside your spirit

I wonder if you can feel it

get inside your soul


9. Certainty

certainty is all we cared for

could there be anything more

we used to settle for less

never will we regain that apathy

for now the world is so concrete

and our attachment nearly total

I have considered

the remote possibility for freedom

and examined the exertion

that would be required

I tired at the thought

can you imagine that?

I thought that I could not

and yet and even

in spite of my disbelief

I have allowed this thief

to raid my stock

all that I possessed now gone

silent alarms alert me

to the activity

and I become an accomplice


10. Lasting And Lingering In Brightness

remarkable spectacular and stellar

the whereabouts of doubts form a query

understandably ponderous

in wonderless ways we wander mazes

we venture aimlessly

until apparently the boundaries back away and fade

Ive made many observations

and formed several conclusions

yet no resolutions

so it is amusing to sense

the intense awareness that arises

in so many guises

the folly of deciding on a fixed

and immobile crucible

the feeble and subtle used to pull and attract me

in a way that now sends me scurrying

not really worrying but considering

that pretending that the function of life

is derived from that of death

Ive left little to puzzle or riddle

instead I keep it simple

stupidity is the ability

to appear intelligent though ignorant

relevant yet insignificant

and it applies to us all

I voice the universal thought

it ought to be in harmony

with the mediating melodies

things never have been that easy to envelop

from an eagerness to cling

the tightening can actually sting

so release or at least loosen your hold

and imagined control

let me make a bold statement

most of us are faking

and taking ourselves for granted

what seed can be planted with no room for growth

we both know that no such exists

so lets end this madness and reclaim

a tiny semblance of balance

lasting and lingering in brightness



11. This Moment

often I wonder about

the point why

and in those moments

I never seem to find

a reasonable answer

to my query

I just saw myself in duplicate

the copy was imperfect

and seemed to be lacking something

I watched it seeking to discover its flaw

its been some time

but then again

this moment is the only one

worth being in

constantly living in a memory

is only an attempt to escape the present

but that is really impossible

what is more probable

is that we may get stuck in the past

what we need is a blast of fresh air

something that will bring us back to here and now

the whys and hows are questions unanswerable

but the more I observed it

to my astonishment first

and then to my horror

I saw what I did not want to admit

what I could not acknowledge

the copy was the real and I the fake

it still aches to say that I am not authentic

that we continue with our query

is pardonable though

we only do what we know

and what we know

is only a tiny fragment

of all that there is to be known

that we are grown in physical stature

is not really a significant matter

what matters more is the growth within

that which cannot be seen

only felt only known

individually indivisibly

what can be?

what is there that cannot be split or divided?

its been some time

but then again

this moments the only one

worth being in

this moments the only one

worth being in

is there an inseparable element

anything that has never been

and never will be

less than it is

even through the process of division

how about infinity

divide it by one two or three

or any other value

and it will resist the attempt

it remains as it was

as we remain as we are

how far can we go

how far before we know and acknowledge

make the experience known

yes before we share what we have become aware of

in a way though in just a tiny way

I am relieved for whereas before

I used to grieve to actually feel remorse

and sorrow over my inability to know

what I should do on the morrow

I now am at peace

actually still within

and I grin

the love that we feel

the feeling of connectedness

cannot be forced

of course we at times fake

and act contrary to what is

yes at times we make the mistake

and break ourselves into tiny fragments

we cannot piece the puzzle back together

and if we ever thought that we could

that we should

then we realize now

that the ugly the bad and the good

are all the same

yes the only thing that remains after all this

is this

yes this is all that there is

its been some time

but then again

this moments the only one

worth being in

this moments the only one

worth being in

the page has been turned

I have turned the page

the lessons that I have learned

have carried me beyond the stage

that I once inhabited

what was then is now the past

and never again can it be the same

a new frame I dwell within

boundaries have changed

yet boundaries still remain

these borders I have placed myself

yes I have placed barriers around myself

now this is only a contrivance

for my self cannot be trapped

in reality no self do I have

only fragmented ideas I attempt to grab

and these will never add up to me

no I and we are more than

the sum of our parts

the total amount will never be reached

and still though

we seek to know

the truth about our lives

its been some time

but then again

this moments the only one

worth being in

this moments the only one

worth being in


Bringing Joy Not Sorrow/
Higher Living


1. Flowing Like A River
2. Consciousness
3. From Imagination To Reality (Let's Pretend)
4. Constant Change
5. How Are You Living?


1. Flowing Like A River

I'm flowing like a river
Started off as a stream of consciousness
One thought connects to the next
Light reflects from the surface
I'm not shallow some say deep
I'm flowing like a river not a creek
Never weak strong
Long like the Nile or the Amazon
You can float on my quote with a boat
Or a ship come take a trip a cruise
Use your imagination
Word association
Rhyme and rhythm
Come on in for a swim
The water is fine
The river a metaphor for your mind
Not abstract not concrete
I'm flowing like a river
Started off as a stream

I'm flowing like a river
At one time just a trickle
Only a few drops
But I grew and never stopped
Gathering momentum
Steadily increasing in size and depth
Come on in dive hold your breath
Now release it you won't drown
The current won't pull you down
But it'll take you for a spin a twist a turn a swirl
As you whirl about in the water
You ought to be dizzy but you're not
Your equilibrium is maintained
You and the water are the same
And that is our aim
Just as water flows and takes the form of all it touches
So we must all adapt to our circumstances
Adapt not adhere
Am I making myself clear
The water keeps flowing
Although sometimes it may slow
And go around or go through
This is what we must do
Take the situations we're in and keep flowing

I'm flowing like a river
Come and bathe you won't shiver
The temperature is just right
Let the waters wash away
Anything you don't wish to stay
Now the river is rising
Many rivers flow into one great body of water
The ocean consists of all waters of the earth
Yet many have tried to divide it in their minds
In an attempt to defy
The lesson of the water
The lesson that all is one no matter where it comes from
The creek the lake the swamp the pond
The brook the stream
I could go on but I'm flowing

2. Consciousness

Is being aware
Of why we're here
Where we are going and
How will we get there

Let your mind recline as I relax into this rhyme
Ease on back into your favorite chair
Where all stress is relieved
Take a load off your feet
Sink deep into this beat
Close your eyes and retreat
I speak a universe into existence
Put up no resistance
With no hesitance step through the entrance
And be entranced enchanted
Seeds that were planted earlier now sprout
And carry your thoughts way out
Your cares and worries are erased
Replaced with understanding and awareness
There is nowhere no place with a trace of confusion
This is no illusion
It may sound amusing
And if it does then laugh
Giggle chuckle or just grin
It's amazing a simple smile can relieve
So much tension
It's your decision the dimension
I mention is more than a vision
Come on in this is an invitation


I socialize with the wise and verbalize
Ideas that rise as we philosophize
On the whats the whens the wheres
The hows the whys
Not the whos for we choose not to idolize
Or worship any image
Our thoughts and words scrimmage
Deep in a village to which few pilgrimage
Every land on which we trod
Has been blessed by god
So we're always on hajj no matter where we are
The sun the planets the stars
Satellites and meteors
Comets and other components of interstellar space
Surrounds our every thought
In its web we are caught
Escape is what is sought
To find it some have fought
The battle's never ending
You lose once you start winning
That sends some teeth to grinning
But it's true I'm not kidding
That's why those who possess the knowledge
Simply forfeit their conscience to the omnipresent
Omnipotent omniscient the everlasting
All powerful all knowing lord of all existence
Not a ruler external sitting on a throne
But the purified essence out of which we are formed
We refract the light like a crystal focus it like a lens
Magnify the size then radiate in all directions
Those prepared for the glow now wear a halo
While those who did not prepare for the light
Are blinded by its sight
This is no prophecy of the impending doom of the earth
It is simply my interpretation of life's worth
I think life has more meaning than
Being awake or dreaming
Being victimized or scheming or
Just breathing from dawn 'til evening
The real meaning of life is for what we all search
From our date of birth 'til were covered with dirt
And if the answer is found before our last heart pound
Before we're laid in the ground we should smile not frown
For we have now passed the test with knowledge of self
So truly in peace we can rest
For we have now passed the test with knowledge of self
So truly in peace we can rest


3. From Imagination To Reality (Let's Pretend)

Let's pretend
Use our imagination
What you believe
You will see
I see peace and harmony
Believe with me
Let's make this vision
A reality

I have all that I need to succeed in life
My greatest wealth is my health for without my life
Nothing is possible with it I'm unstoppable
It's no surprise that I rise as I place my eyes
And my gaze on what pays and that's praise
Of the source of our existence no force can resist this
Power forever it's our hidden treasure
It awaits discovery once we awaken from sleep
We're bound to see that no boundaries can contain us
No thing can restrain us we're totally free
And yet we choose to limit our vision
Of what we can become it's our decision
I place my sight on infinite heights as I begin my flight
With no trace of fright and in spite of
Gravity or negativity around me
I ascend and extend my capabilities
Reality is no more than an illusion in which we believe
And we deceive ourselves constantly
Seeking permanency in what's temporary
Life is a parade an ongoing game of charades
We are made created formed we are born
Into this world to unfurl the wings of our inner being
Which is everlasting and which has been emerging
Ever since our beginning
The web of life keeps spinning
Sometimes entangling us
Until we realize that the weaver is no stranger to us
It is us so trust the weaver and what is woven
And you will have created the fabric of the all knowing


Trying to express nothingness
Through the use of words may be absurd
Simply to speak of nonexistence
Brings contradictions into fruition
Can words and ideas be used to express
That it's words and ideas we should lose
Let's cruise on the waves of this ocean's oration
Until we're out of sight of familiar places
As our surroundings become synonymous to none
That we have seen before
we seek to explore through metaphor
Trying to connect prior mental constructs
With the reality around us
Yet it's best to address what is currently present
As it is not as it seems similar to be is to be
Now is not then nor has it ever been
The future's all pretend
Once we comprehend we ascend but again
Words can go but so far to show who we are
To know and not think is what we're after
Smell a flower take a shower build a tower
Make an hour last ninety minutes
Recalculate the distance of your life's existence
Stretch time toss and fetch time
Then forget time it's all in your mind
Find your mind define your mind
Refine your mind design your mind
Then resign your mind


4. Constant Change

You've heard of the sermon on the mount?
Well this here is the sermon in the valley
Well actually this sermon was delivered in an alley
On a dark night I was taking a short cut home
There were no lights on and I thought I was alone
Until I walked past this one light and it lit up
Then I saw the figure of an old woman get up
I started to run yeah I started to break
I don't know why I was scared but then she said wait
It was simply a plea but it had the power of a command
I stood still like I was in sinking sand
Me a grown man running from an old lady
I thought to myself I must really look crazy
But then she calmed my nerves with just a few words
She said I won't keep you long
I just want you to hear this song
Then she began to sing with a voice
unlike any I'd ever heard
There's no way I can describe it
but these were the words

She said I've been many places in my life
Seen many things
Through the years I have learned
That the only constant is change
Oh yes she said I've been many places in my life
Seen many things
Through the years I have learned
That the only constant is change

Now I thought that was strange
The only constant is change
I said what do you mean she said listen I'll explain
Day goes to night right
Then the dark returns to the light
The year has its seasons what are the reasons
The world changes everyday
Sometimes the sky is clear blue
Other times it's cloudy and gray listen to what I say
You were once a child now you're an adult
You now find easy what was once difficult
Some things you used to think were bad
You now think are good
The more she spoke the better I understood
I began to reflect on my life and on the past
And on relationships I had
That I thought would last
The more I thought I was able to recall
Watching something rise only to later see it fall
Always changing yes change is always happening
The woman smiled and started singing again


I've been many places in my life and
I've seen many things
Constant change is the only guarantee
I've been many places in my life and
I've seen many things
Constant change is the only guarantee

The woman said now that you see
That all in life must change
There's no way that you can look at things
And see them in the same way
That you had seen them before
I thought that I understood her but I wanted to be sure
So I asked her to please say more
She said sure
When something pleases you
You want to hold on to it forever
But know that it will change too just like the weather
Just as there is sunshine and clouds of rain
You'll have fun times but also
There will be times of pain
She said look at me at one time I was young and beautiful
But now I'm very old and to some I look pitiful
I think about this now and laugh
But there was a time when I would think about it and cry
But that is life we're born we grow old
We get sick and then we die
And now I've said all that I need to say
Then the woman turned and started walking away
The lights in the alley went back out again
And although I couldn't see her
I could still hear her voice on the wind


The only constant is change (8x)

5. How Are You Living?

Are you living your life right
Only you know what's inside
From yourself you can't hide
How are you living your life?

Taking deep breaths reflecting on my life
Inhaling all the positive exhaling the strife
Let it go let it go I don't need it no more
I'm rising realizing not fantasizing
The world spins the world turns the world don't stop
I live on the world so I know that I cannot stop either
Or either everyday I'm wiser
Than I was the day before
And richer in areas in which I was once poor
The door was once closed it's not closed anymore
It's open I'm hoping more will cross the threshold
And behold the beauty that I now see
I speak constantly on the reality that can be
On the possibility that can become an actuality


How you handle life's affairs
Determines what when why and where
Your destiny will be no more a mystery
When you learn that you reap
What you sow not one bit more
Plant good seeds and they will grow
Plant bad seeds and they will rot
Oops there's one thing I forgot
Plant your seeds in fertile soil
Or you'll waste your work and toil
Waste too much and then you'll wither
That's why many become bitter
When the words they deliver
Fall on ears that do not care
Minds that are closed in
Must be thawed cause they're frozen
Warm them up with the truth
The future awaits you
It's up to you to do what must be done
The sunrays shine for days
Moonlight lights the night skies
I see a world where ignorance and despair
Are nowhere
And visions we perceive can be achieved
If we seize the opportunity to work in unity
Although we are diverse
So is the universe but which was here first
Which set the tempo the momentum
The universal rhythm it seems so simple
But maximize your potential


Expectancy of life
Increases with decrease of strife
Stress and strain should not remain
To maintain a healthy brain
The pleasure people seek without
Is just a measure of their doubt
Of themselves what's within
And that's where all the stress begins
Dependency upon external
Deficiency of internal
Evaluations devaluates your foundation
Your center of control is lost
When you resign as the boss
Of your mind of your body of your soul
And give control
To someone outside of you
When your true self resides in you
We all have that voice within
When that voice speaks listen
And obey what is said you won't be misled
The voice will guide you if you only abide by
The message it gives for this voice
Will teach you how to live
It's called your conscience or your instinct
Just don't let it become extinct
I mean think
No one knows you better than you know yourself
So no one can judge you and you can judge no one else